Monday, June 16, 2008

The Touch of Twighlight by Vicki Pettersson

I "dished" the first two books in this series when I was at the old site, so in case you haven't read them yet, or cannot remember if I enjoyed them, click here. Go ahead, I'll wait. I also want to remind everyone about my SUMMER READING CHALLENGE. I'm working on a few things to sweeten the pot, so to speak, so I REALLY want you guys to get involved. And with all of that out of the way, I'll get on with it...

The Touch Of Twilight by Vicki Pettersson

Joanna archer has reluctantly accepted the roles destiny assigned her: Avenger, Savior...Destroyer.

On the surface she's a sexy, sophisticated socialite, at home among the beautiful people of the Las Vegas upper crust. But Joanne Archer inhabits another world: a place ordinary humans cannot see...a dangerous dimension where an eternal battle rages between the agens of Light and Shadow. And Joanna is both.

Stalked by an enigmatic doppelganger from a preternatural realm, Joanna can feel the Light failing - which is propelling her toward a terrifying confrontation with the ultimate master of evil, the lord of Shadow: her father.

Vegas is all about winner big...or losing everything. To save her friends, her future, her worlds, Joanna Archer mst gamble it all by fully embracing the darkness inside her.

Five days ago I started this post, and the BCC is as far as I got. I had to stop to go to my sons ball game and when I got home I had a house full of kids. The next day I also had a house full of kids. This went on for three days and nights and then I started to feel not so great. I spent a lot of time sleeping, trying to fight the sickness, but alas, the sickness has won out. Today I awoke with no voice and a migraine to end all migraines. The headache thankfully is gone, but unfortunately, so is my voice. Thankfully, I can still type...

I obviously enjoyed the first two books in this series, but I found myself having a very hard time getting through the first few chapters of this one. It was slow. Almost painfully so at times. Plus, I was frustrated because there were so many references to events that had happened in the first two books that I couldn't remember! I found myself with the inner debate as to whether or not re-read them, but realized that I couldn't. It wasn't that they weren't excellent books, because I clearly remember the general gist of them and I knew that I loved them at the time. It's just that their, well, kinda long, and while I enjoy the world, I don't enjoy it well enough to relive it. I think that in part this can be blamed on the fact that the first two books were released a month a part and I read them both within the first week of their release. Then, they were a quick bestseller, and thus, as I had predicted, it was a long wait to this latest one.

Not only that, I can sometimes be petty, and well, when I reached page 65 and saw this-
- well, I was irritated. That's not fair of course, but it was a disappointment to see.

It wasn't long though before Pettersson was able to capture my love for this world - the fight between good and evil - where superheros are real and I forgot my earlier irritation with everything and fell head first into the reading.

Joanna, quite simply is kick ass, and though the storyline is wonderfully convoluted in places everything falls together nicely and left this reader ready for more! If you've read the first two books, this one is really a must read, as the continuing story is action packed. However, if you have not yet read the other two, you need to start at the beginning.

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