Monday, February 18, 2008

New Home

Hi, it's me Chari-Dee! This is my new home, home on the web...(yeah, lame). I think my personal blog will go private, as I don't want to delete it and lose everything and I'm way too lazy to copy everything, and I'll use this one for books. I'm really trying to downsize my time on the net, as I am now working semi-full-time, and I refuse to take time away from the kiddos and The Hubs in order to keep up with all the stuff I have done in the past.

Jenny Crusie has this great essay on her site, Taking Out The Garbage: How to Protect Your Work and Get Your Life , and I'll admit, she may talk about being a slow learner, but I am the ultimate slow learner. I read this essay a couple of years ago (or more) and it hit a chord, but I ignored it. And then, I started this job, and I realized that some things were going to have to change. So finally, I re-read the essay and made my lists, and WOW! did I have some things to re- prioritize. So that's what I've done. My family has got to come first. My writing needs to come in above my blogging, and mostly that stuff just wasn't happening.

So, I left dee & Dee, and decided I needed to strike out on my own. Where if I run a contest and no one enters, I can be OK with that, I won't feel like I'm letting the other person down. It was time. I cannot promise I'll post multiple times a week, but I do plan on posting at least once each week. I cannot promise there will be contests, but I'm sure there will be as I absolutely LOVE doing those, they just won't come monthly.

I cannot promise that I won't occassionally bore you with pics of my kiddos, or stories about what's going on in my life.

I CAN promise you that I'll be honest about the books I discuss. Pretty lame as far as a list of promises, but there it is.

So, if you have suggestions of things you'd like to see, drop my a comment. If you're wondering about how I view books and I haven't got many posts up yet, you can check out here and find all the posts signed "Take Care" and those be mine (I didn't have a chance to move them).

Take Care