Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Dark Roots and Cowboy Boots by LuAnn McLane

I have a contest to announce tomorrow, and I plan on doing it when I discuss A Little Less Talk and A Lot More Action, which is the follow up book to this one. I've been dying to talk about A Little for a LONG time, since I've had the ARC and have read, and then re-read, and then read it again, so many times. And now, the release date is coming up, so I get my chance! So be sure to check back in for the contest details, I promise you, this will be one contest you do NOT want to miss. Just a small hint as to why - AuthorIsland.com !!!!! But as ALLTAALMA is a connected book to this one, I felt the need to tell you all about Dark Roots today, so if you haven't read it yet, you can go out and get it and have it read before July 1.

Dark Roots and Cowboy Boots by LuAnn McLane

Not Just Another Small-Town Babe...
Teetering on the Tennessee border, Hootertown, Kentucky, suits beautician Jamie Lee Carter just fine. She's the kind of gal who prefers longneck beers to cosmos, bare feel to high heels, and Daisy Dukes to Prada, but a bit of flash might still win out over another pool-hall line dance. That's where Parker Carrington, a hunky Hollywood producer, comes in...

Not Just Another Saturday Night Fling...
He's pegged Hootertown as an ideal movie site - and Jamie as more than a sexy extra. He's adding sizzle to Jamie's romantic slump and firing up something called jealousy in Griff Sheldon. Jamie's brother's best friend and her longtime crush. Now two hot-blooded rivals are going head-to-head. One's got a Jaguar. One's got a pickup. And only one's got what it takes to give Jamie the ride of her life.

I first discovered McLane's work with the release of her book Dancing Shoes and Honky Tonk Blues, and I fell in love. I mean, I could not put this book down! It wasn't just the humor - I mean come on, a book about a Redneck spoof of the television show Dancing With The Stars, that's funny, I don't care who you are - and it wasn't just the smokin' hot Romance (though great googely moogely can this chick write smokin' hot with the best of 'em). It wasn't even all about the fact that she was writing about Redneck and small town girls (which I happen to be, thankyouverymuch) No, it was so much more. McLane's voice was so fresh. Snappy dialogue, lovable characters, laugh out loud moments, cry a little moments, moments that had me so hot I was reachin' for my man. This book had it all - and I wanted more!

But could this book be a fluke? I mean, it's rare that I like a Romance novel written in First Person, and I lurved this book. I had to know, was I reading a one hit deal? Would her other books be just as good, or I would I be disappointed? Well, let me tell ya, my love of this book was no fluke, and I swear every other book I've read by McLane has had me hooked in the same way.

Dark Roots and Cowboy Boots was the third book I had bought by McLane even though it was actually the first of her southern series of books. And until I read A Little Less Talk, this one was my favorite. Honestly, it still is, only it shares that space with ALLT, because it has the same characters featured in it (but I'll get to that tomorrow).

Jamie Lee Carter, small town Beauty Shop owner, loves her life, her best friend Macy, her family and her small town. But something is missing, the love of a good man. She's always known who she'd like to be the man in her life, Griff, her brother Luke's best friend, but he'll never see her any other way than as a kid sister. But, when Parker Carrington, producer, comes to town in a fancy little sports car, and sets his sights on Jamie Lee, as tour guide and more, well, maybe it's Jamie Lee's imagination, or has Griff started to finally show a bit of interest? But with two very fine lookin' men showing interest, Jamie Lee has some serious thinking to do. Does she try one last time to get the man she's dreamed about forever, or does she move on with an exciting new man whose nothing like she always thought she wanted?

With lots of laughter and heart, Jamie Lee's story will draw you in, and won't let you go, even after you've reached the end. Stuck zippers, wild bull rides, best friends, old loves, old insecurities. new adventures and picnic baskets gone wrong, this book has it all and so much more.

Grab your best friend and head to the beach or better yet hit the lake, and be prepared to laugh, cry and fall in love!

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AuthorIsland.com said...

Hi Charity,

Great review!

I, too, love LuAnne's work and I've had the pleasure to meet her several times. She's such a doll in person - so wonderfully sweet and down to earth. Easy to see how she creates such wonderful characters you fall in love with!

Can't wait to get a sneak peak at her new book - looking forward to your review on it!


Ladytink_534 said...

I LOVE books like this!