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Devil May Cry by Sherrilyn Kenyon

I am a bad, bad blogger. And I don't mean in the "To the Bone" vane. Nope, I'm a bad blogger because I tend to get lax in my postings (which is evident when you see my personal blog). You see, I've been so proud of myself for doing so well in finally keeping up with this, and then I kind of fell off the wagon the last few days. We've gotten a pool for the backyard (pics will be posted on my other blog shortly) and we've been spending a lot of time outside. However, I could be blogging at night, ya know, when I can't sleep and The Hubs is at work, but then I'm so tired because I can't sleep that you get a post like this one will be - loopy. I apologize in advance if it's hard to follow, and I'd appreciate it if you'd let me know if it's too bad for me to blog while under the influence of Benadryl. And now on with it...

Devil My Cry by Sherrilyn Kenyon

Sin, an ancient Sumerian god, was one of the most powerful among his pantheon - until the night Artemis robbed him of his godhood and left him one step from death...

For millennia, the ex-god turned Dark-Hunter Sin has sought to regain his powers and take revenge on Artemis. But now he has bigger fish - or in this case, demons - to fry. The lethal gallu that were buried by his pantheon are stirring, and they are hungry for human flesh. Their goal: to destroy mankind. Sin is the only one who can stop them...if a certain woman doesn't kill him first.

Enemies have always made strange bedfellows, but never more so than when the fate of the world hangs in the balance. Now a man who only knows betrayal must trust the one person most likely to hand him to the demons. Artemis may have stolen his godhood, but this one has stolen his heart. The only question is: Will she keep it...or feed it to those who want him dead?

I used to be a HUGE fan of The Dark-Hunter novels. I started with Night Pleasures and loved it so much I even read Fantasy Lover. But, then Dream-Hunter novels and novels of the Were-Hunters started popping up, and well, I lost all interest. Fair weather reader? Who me? In all honesty though, that is what I was with this series. I swore I was done reading the Dark-Hunter books until Acheron's story came up. I was going to read Kenyon's books under the name Kinley MacGregor, because I love those historicals and that was it. But then, a few months ago I was in the store and saw this book and saw that it said it was a Dark-Hunter book, and thought, what the hell, give it a try. But then, the book sat in my TBR pile forgotten. Until a couple of days ago when I was in a funk and decided to give it a go. And ohmyword am I glad that I did.

Sin, ex-god, has Artemis worried. He's just stolen something that could be her undoing. And Artemis has a good reason to be worried, because thousands of years ago, she was his undoing. But although Sin would love nothing more than to destroy Artemis, at present, he has bigger fish to fry. A nasty like no nasty humanity has ever seen before, is about to re-awaken and Sin is the only one who has the power to stop it. That is, if he can find his twin brother.

But Artemis cares only for herself and sends Kat to kill Sin. Kat watches as Sin does something that could only be described as heinous, and decides that he is the worst sort of immortal that could ever be and that he must die. But, before the chance arises, Kat is attacked by one of the milder (and that ain't none to mild) nasties, and Sin saves her life - only as soon as he sees her, he wants to kill her.

But as Kat and Sin discover, they need each other to save humanity, if they can just survive Artemis' hit man, and demons that will stop at nothing to see them dead. But it just could be the love they are forming that could be their end or just maybe, it will be their beginning. With trust being a word Sin doesn't understand, Kat has her work cut out for her - good thing she's more than just Artie's hit-woman...

Devil reminded me just why I loved the Dark-Hunter novels. Thrills, chills, and Romance intertwine in this fast-paced page turner that will have you on the edge of your seat not ready to say good-bye to the fantastical world that Kenyon has created. The Romance is top notch, and let's just say have your fan ready because you'll definitely need it for some very steamy scenes.

Usually, I'm a POV purist, so if you've read Kenyon or MacGregor, your may be confused as to why I'm not complaining about the head-hopping that riddles the pages. But Kenyon is a master at the POV change within a scene, and only occasionally do I scratch my head at the sudden change. It works for her, and actually lends so much more emotion to the pages.

I'm so glad I read this book, because had I not, I may never have realized that Ash (the book I was awaiting to bring me back to this series) will have his book NEXT. To find out all about these wonderful and sexy Dark-Hunters and most importantly Ash, you can click here.

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Hi ChariDee,
thanks for the review! I was like you and I liked the first books but haven't been reading her books for a while. Now I see I have to try again, I do like to read about Ash and should probably read this one too!