Wednesday, June 4, 2008

My Newly Discovered Bad Reading Habit

Once upon a time, I was a very easy reader. I bought books by the lure of the cover alone. I never even thought about reading the BCC. I never even thought about reading ahead. Would not have even dreamed about reading the last page - oh no, that was just too taboo! But, times, they do change. And as time has ticked by, signaling the end of yet another era, I as a reader have also changed.

It started innocently enough. I was low on cash for books and trying to decide between two cute covers I read the BCC. Well, that damn BCC LIED! That's right, it lied. The book contained within the pages was nothing - nothing, like the BCC suggested. I was appalled! I was outraged. I was a changed reader. Suddenly, I started reading every BCC and then ranting about it on the d&D site when it ticked me off.

It didn't stop there, though. Oh NO! I went crazy. I started reading the first page of the book most of the times! GASP! I would not only read the first page, I would read the "Other Books By..." list at the start. If even one of them sounded off, I didn't buy the book. I'm telling you, that way lie madness, and it over took me!

And now - now - I am so ashamed of myself and disgusted at the outcome of my latest bad book reading habit, that I almost can't stand myself. Is no book safe from my insanity? I have started taking a peak at the last page!

Really, it started out innocently enough when I started reading the Gregor books to my children. We were hooked. Gregor and the Underland so captured my attention that I just didn't want to stop reading. Alas, I had promised Bear that I would never read ahead of him. But now that we're on book 4, I felt it would be safe to at least read the BCC to book 5, and what I saw shocked me! I had to know that my favorite characters were OK, so I read the last page - of a book I hadn't even started! I was ashamed, but at the same time a little bit excited. I had broken some unspoken rule, and I was giddy with the power!

Unfortunately, it is becoming a habit I can't seem to break. And like with all habits it has come back to bite me in the arse. You see, I started read Playing With Fire by Katie MacAlister. I've never read this author before. The books have just never jumped out to grab my attention even though I've heard mondo good things about the books and watched them hit bestseller lists. Well, I finally broke down and bought this one and I'm having a really hard time getting into the book. It took me three days to read past 2 Chapters. Fortunately it started to pick up, but I had a really bad feeling. So, me, being the cheater I have reluctantly become, read the last page. And to my horror, discovered I was not in-store for an immediate HEA. In fact, it would seem I was in store for a series.

Now. don't get me wrong, I realized I was in store for a series, but stupidly I thought each book would feature a different couple. See, this is why I should sometimes take better care to research books I have a reluctance to buy. I don't like the protag in this book. The writing seems stilted and dull, but I've heard great things about his author and really wanted to give this all a try. But, I just can't read on. I want resolution for these two, I don't want it drawn out for books on end. And maybe it won't be, and I'll be missing out on something - but that darn new bad habit has stopped me from ever finding out.

So, I find myself half-way through a book I know I will never finish. Wasting 6 - yes, SIX, days of trying to read the first half of this thing (not to mention $6) - all because I read the last page. It's madness, and I want it to stop, because I really may have found myself liking the book (doubtful, but perhaps) if I would have kept plodding through instead of cheating and reading the last page.

Please tell me I am not alone in the bad habit category! Please tell me if I've made a HUGE mistake and this book is worth finishing! Please tell me there is hope for a last page reader such as myself. I need help people, or I may never be able to read another book again!

Take Care


Ladytink_534 said...

I’ve got a problem about wanting to skip ahead to the next paragraph or the next page and it only started this past year. Thankfully I’ve found that if I use a bookmark and go line by line I don’t tend to do it so much. When I decide to buy or borrow a book it’s because I love the author or the series. Or if it’s a group read at one of my online book groups or something one of my fellow bloggers praised very highly. Way too many stinkers out there for me to waste my time with.

I haven’t read Playing with Fire but Katie MacAlister writes some very good stories but I suggest you start with one of her stand alones like Blow Me Down.

Eva S said...

I have always read the last pages first, its very annoying but I can't help it. In bookstores I look at the end first and if there isn't a HEA I simply don't buy the book! I like series but there must be a different couple every time, I think my only series with just one is J.D Robb's books...
Sometimes when I've bought books from internet bookstores I decide to read only from the beginning, but... And it's rather funny, with many autobuy authors I do know there will be a HEA but I still can't help it. But I do love reading the books although I know how it will end!

Marg said...

I always sneak a peak at the end! Always!

It is one thing that I don't like about listening to an audio book on CD. It's really hard to just listen to the last couple of minutes! LOL!!

Anonymous said...

I totally get you on Katie MacAlister. I bought her book "You Slay Me," and it slayed me, alright, in a bad way. I mean, it's fairly harmless, to tell you the truth, but so much of it is so cliched. I'd skip parts because I'd get so bored reading a scene. At the end, I realized that I didn't lose much in the skipping. That's when I knew I would never buy another Katie MacAlister book again.

(Yes, the Anna from Hachette. I couldn't help but comment.)