Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Win A Kindle and Free Books For A Year

OK, remember when I said you didn't want to miss the All Day Chats that AuthorIsland holds monthly? Well, two of the contests posted yesterday are a BIG reason behind that. In fact, these contests were so cool, I wanted to give a heads up.


Got one massive reading habit??? Going broke buying up all the great books you see here at Well, we don't want you to stop supporting our wonderful authors, but we would like to help keep you in reading material for the next year! is turning TWO this July and to celebrate, we are offering TWO lucky readers the chance to win A BOOK A WEEK FOR A YEAR delivered right to your door and autographed by the author!

One winner will be chosen from all those who post in the month of July over on the News Blog and you'll be in the hat as many times as you post - no limit! Our Author News Blog is a fun and busy place where the authors are announcing their new releases, teasing us with their excerpts and sharing their special news. You won't want to miss a single day!

The other winner will be chosen from those who are signed up for our newsletter on July 31st. It's an announcement only yahoo group with only about one message a week, so it won't overflow the old inbox, but you'll be one of the first to hear about all the great new releases, fun chats, and super contests we have going on over here at the Island!

One small note - because of the postage costs involved, this contest is open only to those in the continental United States - sorry.

WIN A KINDLE!!!!! is turning TWO this month and to celebrate, forty three authors and one of our publisher members got together to offer up one heck of a prize! They're giving away TWO - are you ready for this? - TWO AMAZON KINDLES!!! YIPPEEEE!!!

But you're going to have to work for it, each of the forty four sponsors has a question for you to answer - the answers can be found somewhere on each of the author's websites. Once you have all the answers, email them to AuthorIsland at, numbered, along with your name and address, with AuthorIsland Kindle Contest in the subject line. TWO winners will be drawn on August 1st from all the correct entries to receive their very own - AMAZON KINDLE!!!

To find out all the details, just head over to and check out the contest page!

Good Luck and Take Care


Kimberly Killion said...

"the bikers hoisted me up on the back of a Harley, with a dog in tow."
No did not go for a ride with them?!? All for research, right?
Great interview. Love the idea of a promo shirt. YOu are doing great girl and July 29 is just aroun the corner.

Kim Lenox said...

Oh, MAN! I want to win a Kindle. But I'm eyeball deep in deadline right now, and can't spare the time to go search for all the answers.

Love the t-shirt too!!

Brandy said...

Sat and did everthing to try and win the Kindle the other evening. It took a while. Um, would it be bad if I wondered why AuthorIsland doesn't warn the reader that some of the excerpts are a bit, um, spicy? (Oh, and there are 44 websites to visit.)