Saturday, July 12, 2008

Introducing Novel Chats...

...'Cause sometimes I'm lazy. Well, not really lazy just short on time. You see, I read a LOT during the short hiatus I took after leaving d&D and starting this blog, and I haven't had a chance to really post about any of those books. And since it's been a LONG time ( a few months at least) and I can't re-read them all - Novel Chats was born. Basically, I'll take a few of the books I read during that time period and just post the general thoughts I have about the books.

For my first ever Chat session, I'm focusing on two series I started during my time off.

I'm a huge fan of the cozy mystery genre, so when I saw this new series (only two books in) at the book store, I grabbed them up expecting great things. In fact, I enjoyed the books, but they were no where near as "cozy" and endearing as I usually find the books in this genre. I never caught the sudoku bug, and that in and of itself could be the reason I didn't fall in love. I also didn't form any real connection with the heroine, and when I went online to find out more about the author and found nothing- no author website, not much about her on the publisher site-I felt even less enthusiastic. The mystery in the first book was far too easy to solve, and while it was a bit harder in the third, it still felt incredibly transparent. However, I'll read the next one upon its release, because they were a fairly quick and easy read. Also, for those readers that did ride the Sudoku Crazy Train, there are free puzzles and tips. All in all, I have to give the series a C-. But don't just take my word for it, leave me a comment on this post about why you'd like to read the series, and I'll select a reader at random to receive my copy of the books. I've only read them once, so they are practically like new. I'll run the contest until Thursday night, as I won't have a chance to get to the Post Office until the end of the week anyway.

The next series I started while on hiatus was Richelle Mead's Vampire Academy. I'm a Mead lurver. I admit it freely. Mead was my first ever FAB pick while at d&D, and her Succubus series even has The Hubs hooked. I'm also a big fan of the YA genre. HUGE fan as a matter of fact, so I started this series with great expectations. I'm happy to announce, that the expectations were met. While the characters may be younger, therefore the raunchiness toned down, Mead's voice is apparent, and her talent for First Person storytelling that leaves you knowing not only the storyteller but the secondary characters makes this a series not to be missed. The take on the vampiric world is unique, the suspense is amazing, and the pacing is sprint speed. With a strong and unique heroine, Mead's new series will delight readers of all ages. I give this series an A!

Don't forget my contest this week with Angie Fox, just click the link on the side bar or scroll down for the details!

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Lori T said...

I loved Richelle Mead's Vampire Academy books and I would definitely give them an A,also. I have not read her Succubus books but I have them in my tbr pile.

Have a great weekend.

Brandy said...

I've read one of the Succubus books by Richelle Mead and enjoyed it. Glad to know her YA's are just as good.