Wednesday, July 30, 2008

UPDATES And A Speed Contest

OY! I have been completely overwhelmed lately! OVERWHELMED! First of all, apparently blogger has declared me public enemy No. 1, because all week-end I could not post. Work has me swamped, but my sitter is sick so I'm squeezing in a full days work into four hours. My alergies are insane right now. It's so flippin' hot you could fry an egg on the sidewalk. I seriously could go on, but then you'd quit reading.

Anyway, I am still waiting on the Grand Prize winner of the Angie Fox contest to contact me, so I haven't yet gone to the Post Office. Here's why, I am now calling LAST CALL, if I do not hear from the winner by tomorrow night, I will re-draw for the Big Prize. I am keeping the three tee-shirt winners in the draw, so if one of you happens to be drawn for the BIG prize, I'll draw another name for the tee. So, if you are LadyTink_534 , click here and send me your details by tomorrow night, or I have to draw a new name. Why tomorrow night? Simple, I'd like to go to the Post Office after work on Friday, and get ya'll your things! Brandy, I haven't forgotten your box either :)

And although things have been crazy insane lately, we have had some good things. One of which is the little guy at the top. That's Dumas, our newest kitty (that makes two). He's adorable, tiny and a cuddle bug. Some one had been a bit on the mean side to this little guy, because he had one side of his whiskers cut and his tail shaved! He was skin and bones when he found us, and now he's got a belly like you would not believe.

And in the spirit of the happiness Dumas has brought us, I'm offering you a chance to win a signed copy of Fantasyland by Michele Bardsley and some bookmarks. This is a speed contest, because I want to send this one out with the others on Friday.

The Details: The Hubs and I were in silly moods the night Dumas found us. We jokingly said we should name him Dumas after the kids had laid down for bed. The kids heard us say this (they should have been asleep) and the name Dumas stuck.

To WIN: Tell me what Dumas is short for. Remember it was a JOKE meant to be between only The Hubs and myself, and now our poor love-bug of a cat is stuck with it.

I'm also getting ready to post a review, so check back in a few to see if it's up!

Take Care


Brandy said...

Don't enter me, I have a copy! Awww, Dumas is cute! Um, please tell me that sounds different than Dumba$$?
Sorry to hear you're swamped! (And I hear you on the heat! Ugh!)
Hope things improve soon.

ArkieRN said...

Um, Dumbass? He is terribly cute though. Maybe he won't need brains and can just get by on his looks.

WordVixen said...

I would have gone with Alexandre Dumas being a book blog and all, but since you said mentioned the kids hearing you after bed time, I'm with brandy and arkiern with dumb@$$. Hubby and I have used the same joke over and over since that commercial. :-)

He's an adorable little kitty! If it's based on my first guess, he would have been better off as D'Artagnan.

ChariDee said...

Thanks guys! He is adorable, no? He's also the sweetest little guy ever! Maybe one day he'll grow into his ears and stop laying in the food bowl as he eats LOL

The Hubs and I have decided we have the best two kitties in the entire wide world. They both found US, instead of us finding THEM, and they are perfect fits for our family.

Cathy said...

Well I am going with the obvious one too, dumb ass. I love tiger kitties myself.

lrwirum said...

I would personally go with Alexander Dumas but since you said a private joke and that the kiddies were not supposed to hear I would say dumb a**

beautiful baby by the way. glad to hear he is putting one weight. :-)

Carolyn Jean said...

Good for you for taking this little kitty in. I know I'm late for the contest, but he sure is cute.