Friday, January 8, 2010

Baby It's Cold Outside!

Miss Beautiful and I sing this song quite often. She's not so good with the lyrics, but she can sing the hell outta, "But baby it's cold outside!" after whatever it may be I sing. "I really can't stay." "But baby it's cold outside," "I hafta go away," "But baby it's cold outside!" "This evening has been..." "But baby it's cold outside!" "So very nice," "But baby it's cold outside!" You get the picture. And in case not - BABY IT'S COLD OUTSIDE! So cold in fact, that our pipes froze! That's right! The negative temps froze our pipes! We are, quite literally a walk away from the South and the temps haven't reached above freezing in days!

Thankfully, The Hubs is THE MAN, and after I made a trip to Wally World and shelled out a few bucks, our water is now flowing again, and no pipes burst. WHEW! Thank goodness for such an awesome hubby. Also, thank goodness that the temps are supposed to hit above freezing on Wednesday! I can't wait! We've been out of school since Thursday because the temps have been too low. I'm so ready for the kiddos to go back.

Anyway, I've been whiling my time away on FaceBook. Do ya'll have Facebook? Are you as addicted as I am? For instance, I'm "friends" with the likes of Nia (who has a contest ending tonight, go forth and enter!), Susan Elizabeth Phillips, Jennifer Crusie, Lani Diane Rich, Joshilyn Jackson, Mari Mancussi, Richelle Mead, and R.L. LaFevers (current contest running, go forth and enter!), just to name a few! I mean, I rub some serious elbow over on Facebook (which would explain the extreme chappedness of said elbows).

I just love a good name drop!

Take Care