Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Well, I've been silent a while, again. Sorry about that. Things are nuts, as they often are, around here. Things have also been a bit scary. I've lost my job (no huge loss, and it's for the better), The Hubs has survived one lay-off only to have the company announce they would be doing another one. We're awaiting news on if we survive that one or not. He's thinking he'll be fine, but you just never know. I was literally sick to the stomach for a few weeks before we found out last time and this time I'm not doing much better. However, we've decided to just let it go and give it to God, He's always seen us through, we are nothing if not resilient, so hopefully... This is the time of year when my volunteer schedule fills up quickly and takes a great amount of time, but it too is slowly coming to a close.

Miss Beautiful survived a tough winter, making it through two serious cases of pneumonia, strep poisoning, scarlet fever, and a fever that lasted four days and reached as high as 104.9. She's finally back to pre-sick weight, which is still underweight for her age, but she's healthy, happy and strong and that's all I can ask for.

Bear has almost reached his self imposed goal of 100 AR points. He is 8 away and will be among a very few 3rd graders that will reach that number. He is looking forward to swimming again soon, and while practices and meets take up a lot of my time in the summer, it's worth it to see him so happy. His school work is OK, he has a noisy class and as a dyslexic it makes it tough for him, but he's passing with almost all 'A's and we're proud of him just for trying and studying so very hard. We've been reading The 39 Clues series of books together and are anxiously awaiting the next one in June. I'll be posting about them soon!

So as you can see - we're busy. I had almost decided that it wasn't really worth it to keep up the blog. That money is so tight, and things are so uncertain right now that it would be better if I just quit. But for the same reasons I thought about quitting, I've decided to get back on the horse and continue to talk books. Books are my escape, and if you're reading this, I imagine they are yours as well. So, if I can make it that much easier to decide on a good book or help steer you away from an iffy one, then that's worth it! Also, I would like to thank Fantasy Dreamer for the Let's Be Friends Award. Trust me, I needed that and it played no small part in getting me back to this site!

So, I'm going to type up some book talk next, and a second post for today will go up. I've got an interview with LuAnn McLane to post soon and Best Selling Author Angie Fox will be returning in a couple of weeks to party with us in celebration of her second book THE DANGEROUS BOOK FOR DEMON SLAYERS ! We have a some really fun stuff planned, hopefully even bigger and better than the blast we had last year!

Take Care


Brandy said...

Glad to have you back. I hope everything works out for y'all.

Fantasy Dreamer said...

You are welcome! So glad you decided to come back! Your blog is one the first ones I started following. :)

I hope everything works w/ the hubby's job. That can be nerve racking but it sounds like you two have a handle on things.

Take care,