Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Evil In Carnations by Kate Collins

I'm a few months late on a review of this one, but seeing as it took me forever to finally get my hands on it, I'd like to think I can be excused. My local Wally World doesn't carry cozies, so on release day I headed out of town to the mall to see if they had it. I traveled 1.5 hours to not get my book. Called every few days only to be told they didn't have it yet but could order it for me. Well, duh! I finally went online to B&N.com and ordered this one and a few others (I'm not long on on-line orders). I guess that just goes to show how much I love me my Bloomers and crew!

Evil In Carnations by Kate Collins

What do you do when your best friend and roommate can't relate to your relationship bliss? I tried to help her get back her mojo...but I didn't know her first date would turn out to have cold feet - literally.


Determined to help her roommate, Nikki, out of her singles slump, Abby Knight encourages her to give speed dating a try. Of course Nikki wants the guy at the very bottom of Abby's list, Jonas Treat - aka Treat the Cheat - and figures one day with him cant hurt. Her lack of good judgment catches up with her when Jonas is found dead - and evidence points to Nikki as his killer.

To clear Nikki's name, Abby enlists the help of her ex-Army Ranger boyfriend, Marco. But just when Nikki's situation looks dire and Abby needs Marco most, his rambunctious extended family descends, turning Abby's hectic life into a disaster zone. Abby's patience is seriously wilting, but with a killer on the loose, she can't throw in the trowel. She's determined to dig herself out of this mess - before someone buries her instead.

I've said it before and I'll say it again, I LOVE Abby Knight and the cast of characters that is her family and friends. I want to live in New Chapel and I want to work at Bloomers. Yes, I would have no problems living in that fictional world.

Abby has had many a close call with the police. She's had to clear her own name, her hunky boyfriends name, and many others. But now, her best friend, Nikki is accused of murder. Sweet Nikki. Abby can't believe it when the police show up at her apartment to bring Nikki in for questioning. But what Abby really is having a hard time believing is that maybe, just maybe, she doesn't know her best friend nearly as well as she thought she did. And more than probably she's to blame for putting Nikki in this predicament in the first place.

But poor Abby has more to worry about than Nikki's case, her dear friend and co-worker Lottie has to be rushed to the hospital, Marco's sister doesn't exactly trust Abby with her brother's heart, and finally both families think that Marco and Abby are engaged!

In this latest installment, the eighth in The Flower Shop Mysteries, Collins proves yet again that the roots she's planted in the cozy genre are thriving. I enjoy watching Abby grow as not only a person but also as an amateur sleuth. I enjoy the relationships she's formed and the easy way in which the reader is transported into this world. Collins writes solid mysteries adding just the right amount of humor and romance to ensure something to appease even the pickiest of readers.

Collins has a new site launching on May 1, that's why her name above takes you to her joint blog.

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Marg said...

I am a bit behind on this series! I did like the books I read from the series a while ago.