Tuesday, February 24, 2009

My Romance With Kristan Higgins...

... her books, that is, Kristan Higgins' books. And let me just state, this isn't a new thing, either. Nope, I've been in love with Higgins' since I sat down with Millie and read her story in Fools Rush In. I think I've probably scared a few people in bookstores as I hand sell these books. I personally have bought at least 8 copies of FRI and multiples of Catch of the Day and Just One Of The Guys. I send them to friends. I give them to my sisters. I gave one as a teacher gift last year. This is not a joke, people. I love these books so much that if The Hubs ever leaves me, I will marry them! The last three trips to the bookstore I've managed to talk over 5 people into buying her books, only to have my favorite sales lady tell me they came back in and asked if I had more recommendations because they LOVED those Higgins' books.

And it's not just because I'm quoted (though I no longer get the credit for them) in the front of all but Fools Rush In! NO. I adore these books and let me tell you why - Higgins doesn't write characters in a novel, Higgins writes your best friend. Your neighbor. You. She crafts stories that you live. Stories that feel like you're with Millie, Maggie, Chastity, and Grace, laughing and crying with them as they discover themselves and love. So indulge me, if you will (and as a side note: I picture myself saying that in a very Rocky Horror Picturesque way), as I gush my love of all things Higgins.

You can see what I'm quoted from by clicking here, and then read the review I did of this book by clicking here there's even a bit of an interview included in with that review. None of my feelings have changed. In fact, I may actually love this book even more. You all know I've quit smoking. Now I'm trying to get fit and stay in shape - by running. That's right, Chari-Dee is running. It's scary how bad I am. I mean, me and "in shape" aren't even in the same universe right now. What's really funny though, is that if you want a glimpse of what me running is like, pick up this book. Millie will have you laughing your head off, I know I was, until I started running that is. I just finished a re-read of Fools and my heart still broke with Millie and my heart still smiled at the end, just as if it was the first time I had ever read it. For me, Fools is a must for any true Romance reader.

You can see where I'm quoted from for this book by clicking here. What can I say, I loved Maggie's story as well. If not as much as Millie's, it still had the same effect. I closed the page and immediately missed my friend, Maggie. I had a smile in my heart and on my face and just plain felt good about life and love in general. I bawled my eyes out while reading this book. I mean wept people, huge wracking sobs that had my husband a bit worried, and damn I have to go re-read this one now. Who hasn't loved the wrong person and have that love not reciprocated? Maggie's story, like Millie's that will have you laughing and crying and just so darn glad to be a reader. Plus, Higgins won the Rita for this one, so you really should be reading it!

Now it's time for a small confession and one I'm not very proud of. It took me a while to get this book. I was working a lot of hours. Our local Wally World (only place to buy books that's close) did not have it. dee had told me she'd send me a signed copy and she forgot. I was getting irritated. It had seemed like the fates did not want me to have this book. Quotes in it be damned, I was not to have this book. Then finally I had time to run out of town and go book shopping. I grabbed this book as well as many, many, many others, only to not read this one right away. I was mad that it took so long for me to get it. Mad that I have loved and cherished all her other books, bought them as close to release as possible, only to have to wait forever for this one. Mad that it was getting rave reviews everywhere I turned and I still hadn't had it in my hands. Let's face it, I was a big baby throwing a pity party. I had it for a couple of months before I actually read it on our trip to Texas at Christmas time. The minute I reached The End, I opened it up and read it all over again. Then I was mad for a completely different reason, because it had taken me so damn long to grow up and read the thing!

Holy Crap! I LOVE Chastity and Trevor. Lovelovelove them. I didn't think any one could replace Millie in the top spot of favorite, but I was wrong, Chastity had me from go. And, like Millie, Chastity runs in this book. Unlike Millie, Chastity is a very verra good runner. I wanna be Chastity when I grow up. I already have my Trevor, but I'm nowhere near as cool as my new best friend Chastity. This book goes with me everywhere. It's in my purse almost constantly and every long(ish) trip we take, I'm reading this. The spine is wearing out. It really is sad, but in a good kinda way, right? I've bought copies and sent them to friends. This is one of the books that I nearly scared the book store customer with my recommendation. I'm sure I looked a bit like a fanatic while expelling the virtues of Just One Of The Guys. This book has gone from me being mad at it, to me loving it for all eternity. It has surpassed just about every book I've read and landed itself as Numero Uno on my Keeper Shelf. I'm giddy just thinking about it!

Upon the release of Higgins' latest book, too good to be true, I wasn't foolish enough to wait this time. I rushed out to the book store and nabbed it up. I read it the minute I got home. I enjoyed it, but hate to say that Chastity kind of stole the show from Grace. I really did enjoy just about every aspect of Grace and her story, but her irrational worship of her younger sister kind of bothered me. While still a definite keeper and a book I'm sure to re-read multiple times, tgtbt and Grace just didn't grab me has hard as Millie and Chastity. But I definitely recommend this one!

Now tell me, am I the only one who goes nuts about certain authors and their books? Are there any books you absolutely adore and can read over and over and over again?

Take Care


kristan said...

I'm blushing! Thank you, Charity!

Rowena said...

I just finished my first KH book and I loved it...I am definitely going out this weekend to buy more! Great post!

ChariDee said...

*Waves* Hi Kristan. Thanks for stopping by, though I'm sure my crush on you(r) books, is not news LOL

Rowena, Which one did you read?

Brandy said...

I've read all Kristan's books, too. Just One Of The Guys and Fools Rush In were my favorites. And now I am hoping and waiting for another soon please by the talented author! *G*
One of the other authors I can read and reread over and over again (besides Kristan Higgins) is Jennifer Crusie, and (as odd as it may sound) JAK's paranormals written as Jayne Castle.

ChariDee said...

Ah, Brandy, a gal after my own heart. Crusie is another fave of mine! I buy all her books in HC and PB. It's just sick.

I can also read the Sookie books over and over. LOVE Charlaine. I've never read JAK, but sounds like I need to!

Ladytink_534 said...

Hm, I've never read her before. I don't read many books repeatedly but I have read Charlaine Harris' Sookie series more than once and both of Laurell K. Hamilton's series too. I've also read quite a few of Stephen Kings' books more than once... I've actually read The Stand three times.

ChariDee said...

Oh Ladytink, say it aint so! You've never read Higgins?! I adore her. I love King too, but can't say that I've ever re-read his. Laurell K is good too, and I know I've re-read some in the Merry series because I couldn't remember something.

Brandy said...

I thought of another, Linda Howard. *G*