Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Hands Are Frozen...

...can't type! This cold weather is nuts. It's awful. It's so cold I can barely move my fingers to type. OK, so it's not really that cold in my house, but it's cold outside and that makes me want to do nothing more than lounge in the chair, book in one hand, coffee mug in the other (totally diggin' the Hazelnut variety right now). I feel a contest coming on. One to deal with books and coffee. Just cuz, ya know, I can!

Oh, and American Idol. I can't blog when American Idol is on. Tomorrow. More on books tomorrow. I'm going to go cuddle into my fleece sheets (yep, fleece, those babies are SO nice) and several heavy blankets, and dream of warm temps.

Take Care

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Brandy said...

We're finally getting some cold weather here as well. Only I'm curled up with hot chocolate (and marshmallows) and a good book. *sigh* Or will be after I brave the cold to head to the Y. *G*